A canoe requires 8 hours of fabrication and a rowboat 5 hours. The fabrication departments has at most 107 hours of labor available each week. Let X be the number of canoes and let Y be the number of rowboats. Select the correct letter for answerA) 8x+5y<107B) 5x+8y<107C) 8x+5y>107D) 5x+8y>107

Accepted Solution

Answer: AStep-by-step explanation: Canoe → 8h →X                                             Rowboat → 5h → YFabrication department has at most 107, which means it need to be less than 107 hours.This way, the amount of time to fabricate X canoes = 8X plus the amount of time to fabricate Y Rowboat = 5Y must be less than 107.8X + 5Y < 107