Use the drop-down menus to complete each equation so the statement about its solution is true.No Solutions2x+5+2x+3x= x + One Solution2x+5+2x+3x= x + Infinitely Many Solutions2x+5+2x+3x= x +

Accepted Solution

Answer: There is only one solution; x = - 5/6Step-by-step explanation:We have the equation: 2x+5+2x+3x= x And we want to see how many solutions this equation has. As a rule, if you have only one equation and only one variable, the solution is only one. If you have more variables than equations (2 variables and one equation, 3 variables, and 2 equations, etc) there are infinitely solutions If there are more equations than variables, and the equations are linearly independent, then there may not be any solution. In this case, lets solve it and see that there is only one solution: 2x+5+2x+3x= x (2 + 2 + 3)X + 5 = x 7x + 5 = x 6x = -5 x = -5/6 So there is only one solution, x = -5/6