This Heated Desk Pad Will Make Your Work-From-Home Setup Warm All Winter

This Heated Desk Pad Will Make Your Work-From-Home Setup Warm All Winter

While many of us are not in an office at this time, that doesn’t mean we’ve escaped the cold tundra of an office environment. Your work-from-home setup might need an extra dash of warmth, and that’s where the Olidik desk heating pad comes in.

Desk Heating Pad

This heated pad was designed to lay across your desk, so when you’re busy answering emails and other things at your computer, you aren’t frozen from the hard service. It’s made with PVC materials and had a rubber back to keep it from sliding. It’s also waterproof, so don’t worry about those mid-meeting coffee spills.

Now let’s get to the important part: The fact that this desk pad heats up. The FCC- and UL-certified piece has three heat levels: 104, 113, and 122 degree Fahrenheit. Think those will keep you warm enough? You can tell which setting is on based on the light, which will be blue for low, green for medium, and orange for high. It works as a regular mouse pad when the heat setting is off, so you can use it throughout the year.

The 31-inch by 13-inch desk heating pad has an auto shutoff option after four hours, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on for an extended period of time. You can order the office game-changer on Amazon for $28.98 with free shipping. Out of nearly 50 ratings, is has earned an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

“What to love: Heats evenly. Auto off time function!! Large — leaves space for both keyboard and mouse. Easy to wipe down or clean. 3 heat settings. No power block/wall wart,” one person wrote. “My hands get cold when gaming which slows down my reaction time and is a little uncomfortable. The pad is easy to use,” wrote another.

Although it’s primarily marketed as a desk accessory, Olidik notes that you can also use it for your cold feet. Maybe after you get out of the shower? Or after shoveling your entire driveway? We’re sure you’ll put it to good use.

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